Melanie Nead is a uniquely gifted writer and editor.
As a writer, she possesses a vibrant voice, a profound understanding of story and form, and a pitch-perfect ear for the rhythms of language.
As an editor, she has a gift for shaping not only sentences, but also the ideas that those sentences are attempting to convey. Her feedback on my work has been consistently clear, deeply insightful, and often inspiring. She is one of very few editors whose advice I take without reservation.
As a person, she embodies openness and joy. She is a delight to work with and to know.
As I prepare to launch my debut novel, I feel immensely grateful to have Melanie Nead on my team.
— Lindsey Lee Johnson, author of THE MOST DANGEROUS PLACE ON EARTH, forthcoming from Random House
I can’t thank Melanie enough for her editorial expertise. She helped take my existing cover letter for a very important job and refine it not just with grammatical changes, but with careful attention to creating a more powerful statement of what I wanted to say. She walked me through her notes and provided excellent insights that ultimately transformed my letter into a much more cohesive work. She paid attention to my voice and the letter felt truly authentic and powerful.

Thanks to Melanie, I not only got called back within days of submitting my letter for a first interview, but I got the job! I am so grateful and will continue to employ her editorial services for future projects, including my upcoming book. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing editorial assistance for projects small and large.
— Abby Fammartino, Owner of Abby's Table; Food/Beverage Operations Manager for, Portland
Here is the thing about Melanie Nead: she gives you all of herself as a writer, editor, and human being. Her own writing is arrestingly beautiful, while her editorial feedback is fine-tuned, precise, and focused. She knows how to create narrative, and how to bring writing to life word by word and sentence by sentence. With an unbounded imagination and pure generosity, Melanie helps you create what you thought you couldn’t. Her ear for language is an inimitable gift. Merely knowing her is to improve one’s outlook and creative life. It’s a very lucky thing to get to work with Melanie Nead.
— Mitra Parineh, The Writing Program Faculty at the University of Southern California