Business Writing: I specialize in helping growing businesses develop a rich, beautiful brand identity. I will collaborate with you to analyze and understand what your vision is for your company, and how to communicate that vision in a dynamic, exciting way. I'll help you figure out how to populate your website and present your brand to help it grow in the direction that's most fulfilling for you. Rate: $50/hour. 

Developmental Editing: this is often the first phase of the editing process. I'll consult with you about your goals for your writing, read your rough draft or outline, and help you rework it in line with your vision. I'll ask thoughtful questions to help unlock the crux of your piece. This is a fun process that involves lots of collaboration. This step does not include copy or line editing. Rate: $30/hour. 

Copyediting: copyediting includes basic correction of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I will make minor wording changes for clarity, and flag (although not correct) larger clarity/continuity issues. Rate: $35/hour. 

Line Editing: line editing, or heavy editing, includes correction of punctuation, grammar, and spelling, as well as profound changes to syntax where needed for clarity, elegance, and readability, as well as larger-scale changes to overall structure, organization, or flow. This is the step that will take rough writing to the final draft stage. Rate: $45/hour.   


Email me to discuss your project:

*I especially enjoy working on business/commercial copy, non-fiction, resumes and cover letters, and academic writing. 

**Many projects will include elements of all three stages of editing. 

***In general, I limit both editing and writing projects to pieces 30 pages or less. If you want something longer edited or written, please email me to discuss.